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About Us

"Vermicomposting” can be defined as the biological breakdown (decomposition) of organic wastes, via the joint action of (specialized) earthworms and microorganisms.


Using only locally sourced, clean inputs, we produce our vermicompost, leachate and liquid extracts for use in broadacre farming, horticulture, orchards and home gardens / lawns.


Vermagra products contain many living or dormant microorganisms that inoculate your soils and provide associated benefits from the accompanying hormones, auxins and enzymes.  Combined with the small, but plant available, nutrient content of these products, stimulation of the regeneration process is possible.


Vermagra leachate and extract can be used as seed dressing, liquid inject or foliar application.


Vermagra vermicomposts are suitable for tree planting and gardening in the ungraded form and provide an excellent base for your own 'brews' when graded.



Our products are all compost-worm based with an emphasis to a high fungal content. The worms are fed a mixture of food sources that are locally sourced with a known history of inputs and a preference for organic or chemical-free.

The aim of Vermagra is to introduce as many as possible microbial groups back into your system in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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Please get in touch for more information.

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