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Our Products

Vermagra products are all compost-worm based with an emphasis to a high fungal content.
The worms are fed a mixture of food sources that are locally sourced with a known history
of inputs and a preference for organic or chemical-free.

The aim of Vermagra is to introduce as many as possible microbial groups back into your
system in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Black Soil


is a stable solution of the many microbial groups with a high emphasis on fungi. It also contains the hormones, enzymes, humic and fulvic acid that are essential for soil/plant function. A small amount of nutrient is also present in a plant-available form.


X Stimulant

is the food source that “jump starts” the dormant microbes and stimulates rapid growth and reproduction.  All inputs of Vermagra X Stimulant are organically certified.

Uses: Seed dressing, foliar, fertigation and liquid inject.



is a liquid solution obtained from vermicompost as the worms work through it. The slow and gentle passage of water through the beds picks up the mucigels, hormones, enzymes and dissolved nutrients. It is bacterial dominant.

Uses: Seed dressing (especially when inoculating legumes), foliar sprays, fertigation and liquid inject



is available in small quantities only. It is graded, matured and fed – suitable for doing your own brews.

Ungraded vermicompost is excellent for tree planting, home gardens, etc. - small quantities only.

Other Product Pricing

Live Worms $40.00/Kg
Graded Vermicompost (for your own brews) $5.00/Kg
Ungraded Vermicompost (for tree planting) $5.00/Kg


​5% discount applies if you provide your own clean containers.
A small delivery fee applies if you require delivery.

Vermagra X (extract)
Vermagra Leachate
Vermagra X (Extract)
Vermagra Leachate
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